What is a yield optimizer?

Simply, a yield optimizer is an automatic solution that ensures the best returns for the users. Gone are the days where you have to worry about thinking about constant asset relocation opportunities and being saddened about missed gains. The technology behind CRUDE allows for the automatic placement of your funds between a plethora of pools with higher returns.
The Problem and the Solution
A large portion of today’s yield farming routine is manual research: what is the most profitable pool? where should I move my funds to earn more? etc. This issue, among others, creates a barrier for users to dive into earning yield, while also pulling back the entire industry from going mainstream.
CRUDE token which is a Yield Farming Optimizer (duh!) - is a powerful tool, a protocol created to maximize profit by shifting the invested capital around to different pools, where the APY percentages and the expected profit is higher. By utilizing the power of smart contracts, we eliminate the need for manual research and allow users to earn a bigger income by optimizing the yields.